CV Partner Customer Event 2017

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The CV Partner customer seminar was held in Oslo on September 29th 2017. The agenda included a demonstration of the new collaboration feature, a talk from BDO on how they rolled-out CV Partner to 70 offices, a talk about GDPR in the CV Partner context from Selmer as well as a Kahoot session. The event had a good turnout where many CV Partner users who normally don’t interact too often got to meet in person. The event included both existing and new users.

Demo of Collaboration feature

The seminar started with a live demo of the recently added proposal collaboration feature. More information about the feature can be found here:

GDPR and CVs / CV Partner - Selmer

Lawyer Dan Sørensen from Selmer held a talk about GDPR related to CVs and CV Partner. Dan has many years experience with privacy and GDPR law. The talk included general tips and information about GDPR, how CV Partner manages GDPR and how the users keep the use of CVs GDPR compliant at all times. Dan has made the data processing agreement for CV Partner and helped CV Partner to become GDPR compliant.
Download the slides here (norwegian only)

How to roll-out CV Partner to 70 offices - BDO

Miriam Kringen Molnar and Knut Kavli from BDO talked about how they rolled out CV Partner to more than 70 offices in Norway. The talk included best practices for change management and general tips and tricks on how to get the organization onboard with the new system. We also learned how BDO has tied the CV updating process with HR and management tasks as well as how they have saved time and cost by finding the right competency in house compared with hiring external help.
Download the slides here (norwegian only)

Upcoming features from CV Partner

Lastly CEO Erling Linde talked about the upcoming features which will be added to the CV Partner solution shortly. This includes:

  • Export CVs to powerpoint
  • Redesign department structure
  • Copy to Master Merge option
  • Undo/redo options where applicable
  • AND/OR searches

Thanks to everyone for participating and contact Andreas Bjørnsund at if you have any questions.

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