CV Partner Support for 'APMP Women's Virtual Summit'

This event is currently ongoing or previously held

APMP’s first-ever Women’s Virtual Summit is a professional development event that will focus on how women can advance in the workplace, address the most pressing, current, and emerging issues for professional women, and how you can be an advocate and ally of women in business. This will be a one-day worldwide online event that will occur in time blocks that span all time zones.

Topics you will see in this event include...

  • Negotiating a Raise or Promotion
  • Networking - How to Build Successful Alliances
  • You have a seat at the table....what now?
  • What do Senior leaders really care about? Financials, people, roadmap?
  • Career Advancement
  • Stress Management
  • Women of Color
  • Navigating Life’s Major Transitions
  • How Men Can Advocate for Women in the Workplace
  • Work/Life Balance for Working Women

The event will be attended by Astrid Berg Stensrud, CV Partners Chief Operating Officer.

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Astrid Berg Stensrud
Customer Success Manager