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CV Partner is the leading CV & Case Study management tool for any company that provides CVs when bidding for work or responding to RFPs (think consultancies, professional services, lawyers, architects etc).

We offer a SaaS platform that provides a central place for CVs and Case Studies to be stored in a structured manner. This allows advanced searches across an organisation’s knowledge and skills allowing them to find the right people for a proposal much more quickly and easily than using traditional tools. In addition, each CV and Case Study can be tailored for the particular proposal at hand, increasing the likelihood of winning the bid.

Founded in Oslo in 2012, we are a small company that has grown to have offices in London and Stockholm.

Bootstrapped from the start and without the added pressure of VC investment, we are able to grow steadily and at the right pace, maintaining profitability and avoiding the VC-trap of rapid expansion and unrealistic demands.

This allows us to focus on customer needs and improving the software, rather than chasing the next funding round or hitting arbitrary growth targets.

You will become a large part of a small team and have the opportunity to help shape the future of a growing company.

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