CV Partner Webinar - November 27th

Super user training webinar

Hosted by
Andreas Parr Bjørnsund
Sales and Marketing Director
CV Partner
Tuesday, November 27th
10:00 CET

Do you or some of your colleagues need a refresher on the advanced functionality of CV Partner? Sign up for the webinar and get the latest from the CV Partner team. This is ideal for both new hires, new users or companies in the onboarding phase. Webinar will be in english. We will cover all of the new features mentioned above as well as masterdata.

Duration 1 hour

This webinar will cover:

  • Filter on custom tags
  • Masterdata for roles
  • More advanced merging tool
  • Highlighting and aggregation of roles
  • Masterdata (complete guide)

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Tuesday, November 27th
10:00 CET

09:00 / 9AM


1 hour

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