CV Partner Webinar October 16th

How much time do you spend digging through Word documents to find the right version of a CV or resume for a particular RFP or bid? How about the time spent copying and pasting case studies or reformatting CV or resumes to fulfill the requirements of a certain proposal?

Would you like to cut that time in half?

Hosted by
Andreas Parr Bjørnsund - APMP
Sales and Marketing Director
CV Partner
October 16th
10:00 (UK) / 11:00 (Oslo)

In this short, 30-minute webinar followed by 15-minute Q&A you will get the opportunity to learn more about how you can save 50 % of the time spent on CVs and Case studies. The webinar is tailored towards anyone who regularly submits CVs and Case Studies for bids or proposals.

This webinar will cover:

  • Get condensed, best practice tips on how to work with CVs and Case Studies based on feedback from the top professional services firms in the nordics
  • How you can create a database to organise, understand and quickly search the knowledge of your company.
  • How to easily manage and tailor your company’s CVs and Case studies for tenders.
  • How CV Partner provides a greater collaboration between all departments and global teams if required.
  • How CV Partner supports multiple languages
  • How you can quickly highlight the most relevant experience for each bid and proposal for your CVs and Case Studies.
  • How you can effortlessly export CVs and Case Studies to Word, PowerPoint and PDF in your desired format using our custom templates.
  • How CV Partner will save you 100’s hours of time. For example, avoid copy paste for each CV as the formatting is done for you.
  • How you will have full control over your CVs and Case Studies and win more bids.
  • How you can use your CV database as an internal skill and competence database.

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Tuesday, October 16th

10:00 (UK)
11:00 (Oslo)

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