CVs and Case Studies
that evidence your success

Our Master CV and Case Study feature gives each of your employees the same interface to record their skills, experiences, qualifications, and employment history.

CVs and Case studies

Show off your employees
with their own Master CVs

Keep every CV looking just as great as the rest by giving each of your employees one place to record their skills, experiences and history using the same guided interface.

Tailor a CV
One CV

One single CV to maintain

Standardize the CV and know exactly where to go next time it needs updating.


Multi-language support

Update, store and export your CVs and
Case Studies out to multiple languages.

Easy case study management

Easy case study management

Speed up the proposal process, and make it easier to win over potential new clients.

Free Guide

Writing CV Resumes that wins tenders:
Science or dark art?

This guide provides advice on creating an effective process to develop
successful CV Resumes for bids, proposals, tenders, and more.

Edit a reference project

Reference projects
that’ll do the talking for you

Win over prospective clients with our Reference Projects feature that lets you show off your past achievements in detail. Simply add these to new proposals at the click of a button, and let your track-record speak for itself.

Kristine Augustson

We particularly enjoy the simplicity of copying a master version of a CV or a Case Study to a proposal and exporting it in a bid or proposal specific format. This saves us a great deal of unnecessary copying and pasting”

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Update or push data
to multiple CVs at once

Tired of waiting for your employees to update their CVs with their latest projects? You’ll love Validated Project Descriptions: a new way to write project descriptions, and instantly send them to the relevant CVs in just one click.

Validated project descriptions

Build better proposals
in Search and Proposals

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