Simple to modify templates
in Word, PDF and PowerPoint

With flexible and customisable Word, PDF and PowerPoint templates, you can share your CVs and case studies with confidence — no matter what file-type you export in, or what design you want to implement.

Export data using custom templates

Custom branded templates

Our innovative template system enables your business to adopt and follow specific design guidelines in bids and proposals, even across borders in a global organisation.

Create templates with your company logo, fonts, and design
Automatically export tailored CVs via one template
Choose a reliable, default template for different purposes
Export your data as DOCX, PDF or PPTX
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Custom branded template examples

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Custom Example - Large image

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Custom Engineering Case Image

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Custom Example - IT

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“Having access to CV Partner's dedicated support team made it possible to make iterations to templates and data, ensuring that each bid is delivered in time, and having the best possible quality in terms of content and layout.”

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Bid specific templates

Bid-specific templates

You can also create bid and department-specific templates for clients and teams that need a custom approach. Changing and updating your templates has never been easier.

Create custom templates for specific clients and departments
Request data export templates
Use our WYSIWYG editor to easily edit templates
… or ask our Template Team to assist you!

Bid-specific template examples

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