Using CV Partner for your company's statement of qualifications

A corporate statement of qualifications

A corporate statement of qualifications is often needed to be submitted as a part of a bid or a proposal. If you have submitted a Statement of Qualifications for procurements or proposals, you know that it can be both time consuming and tedious work. 

The Statement of Qualifications is some times the first document your business is scored or rated on. Also, for some bids it is a requirement to submit. It can also be a marketing tool that can open doors to new opportunities.

The Statement of Qualifications often include, but is not limited to:

  • CVs/resumes of key personnel to be assigned to the project.
  • Explanation of firm’s interest, particular abilities and qualifications related to the project.
  • ‍Description of other finalized projects and key personell pertinent to the project with included reference contact information.
  • ‍Provide examples of knowledge, expertise and/or experience with other related work.

CV Partner is a SaaS (software as a service) solution for your company's resumes/cvs, overview of qualifications, and reference projects.

By utilizing CV Partners capabilities, you can pick out relevant resumes/cvs and reference projects for proposals or procurements, and tailor each of them to fit the content to whats being asked for.