New feature
March 12, 2018

Added a new section to CVs: Role overview

A good way to highlight the previous experience people have worked on is to show their previous roles in the projects.

With this new section, users can now get an overview of the roles in their project experiences, and quickly highlight certain roles for proposals. The highlighted roles can also be re-arranged by drag-and-drop, deciding what order they will be listed when put into the exported CV.

How to add this to your CV templates

1) Contact us on the chat, and we will gladly help you customize your templates to include these highlighted roles.

2) If you want change your templates yourself, use the following code in your templates:




Future work

In the coming weeks, we are further going to enhance the functionality of the roles in the project experiences. We are planning a feature whereby you can rename the roles across your project experiences.


Related to this update, we recommend everyone to have a look at the recently added feature which allow you to manage roles in master data. More information here: https://www.cvpartner.com/updates/masterdata-for-roles