New feature
October 26, 2020

Added an option to create a custom privacy notice for the account

CV Partner already has a a set of functionality to help our clients stay GDPR compliant, this includes intuitive ways for your employees to access, rectify and delete their personal data, as well as tools for Administrators to export personal data to satisfy requests for Data Portability. We have now added the possibility for our clients to configure a custom data privacy notice that will be shown to the users on their first login. The user will mark the privacy notice as read and understood before proceeding to use the system as normal. The intention with the privacy notice is to give our clients even more possibilities in satisfying the GDPR requirement of informing their employees of the data processing in CV Partner.

To enable a custom privacy notice, account administrators can go to account > compliance > privacy notice from data controller

Each time the privacy notice gets updated, the users will be presented with an updated privacy notice.