Light feature
September 10, 2020

Added new CV content reports and made some adjustments to the exported files

This update is related to our previous update around CV search result reports; https://www.cvpartner.com/updates/the-download-reports-feature-for-cv-search-results-is-now-relaunched

Added new reports

For the "Data in CVs" report type, we have added new reports for the sections "Educations" and "Work Experiences".
By downloading these reports, you can now get a full overview of educations and work experiences for a selected portion of your CVS - in Microsoft Excel or as a CSV-file.

Adjustments to the reports

Based on feedback from our users, we also changed how reports are structured. Before we only fetched the default language and the English language as columns for each field.
Now we first fetch the default language for that particular CV owner, and following that a column for each language in the account.