New feature
August 28, 2020

Added possibility for API users to create, own and be part of a proposal

CV Partner has an API that can be used to create custom integrations on top of regular CV Partner functionality. To be able to utilize this API, an API key has to be created from inside your CV Partner account. These API keys are used to authenticate custom integrations with our application so that they can read, write and perform actions in CV Partner.

Inside the user interface, we identify each API key as an "API user".

With this update, these API users can now create, own or be part of a proposal.

When sharing a proposal internally, API users will now be visible when searching for users to share the proposal with.

We also added a new option that you can turn on under:
Account > Customize CV Partner > External proposal sharing.

When this option is turned on, administrators (who are also proposal owners) will be able to create new API keys directly from the proposal window.

This proposal will automatically be shared with the API key once it has been created.

API keys

API keys can be created by account administrators through;
Account > Api keys
link: youraccount.cvpartner.com/settings#apikeys