New feature
December 5, 2019

Added workflow status to reference projects

By analyzing the utilization of custom tags used by our customers as well as gathering feedback from our users, we observed the need for a way to govern the reference projects throughout its lifecycle.

Lifecycle - Workflow status

In CV Partner a reference project now has several phases to its lifecycle. We define each phase as a workflow status, and today we have 3 of them, but we might extend this into more phases in a later iteration.

1) Drafts
Drafts are personal, and can only be viewed and edited by the reference owners as well as reference managers and administrators.

2) Ready for review
When a draft is ready for a quality assurance review, the reference owner selects the "Ready for review" status in the draft reference project. The Reference project will now pop up in the Ready for review column for Reference managers and Administrators of the account.

3) Published internally
After a review phase by a reference manager or an administrator, a reference manager or an administrator can select the status "Published internally". The reference project is now available in the "Reference projects - content tab" for all users in the account. (As well as across company groups).

If you are already a user of the reference projects in CV Partner, all of your official reference projects are found under "Published internally".

The workflow status filter (For administrators and reference managers)

The workflow status filter (For normal users)

Other changes:

One of the main goals of this release was to make the reference projects more available for the users in the company, making it a more core part of the solution, these following changes are also contributing in reaching that goal:

Moving the "Company and projects" to the search and proposals dashboard. Previously located at "Account > Company and projects"

Still only administrators and reference managers can see this search tab, but we might change that in a later iteration

Reusing the top navigation already well known from previewing and editing CVs:

If your company is not using the reference project part of CV Partner yet, you can contact our customer success team and schedule an introduction here: https://calendly.com/anna-cvpartner