New feature
August 11, 2017

Customize interface for reference projects

Each company has a different approach to how a reference should look and what kind of information that should be in it.

Previously, customers of CV Partner could disable and enable certain fields in their CVs. Our customers also have the ability to create specific instructions to their employees, contextually, to help them while filling out data in their CV.

Now, we also added the possibility to disable or enable certain fields in the reference project section of CV Partner. The same type of instructional text could also be added to each section of the references.

You can now disable the project introduction field

Instructional text for reference projects

The setting for enabling & disabling sections are located at:
Account > Customize CV Partner > Customize fields > Reference projects

The setting for adding help texts / instructional texts are located at:
Account > Customize CV Partner > Help texts > Reference projects