New feature
January 5, 2018

Masterdata for roles

With Masterdata roles you can clean up the roles across all projects in all CVs. This makes search easier and better as well as making the CVs more professional and accurate.

Administrators can now go to Masterdata and change roles across all the CVs in the company. All applied changes will be suggested as "rules for roles", and if the suggested rules are added, all future mistypings or erroneous role placements will be automatically changed to what you decide.

Were do I find Masterdata for roles?

Account > Masterdata > Project experience > Official roles / suggestions

What is Masterdata?

CV Partner's Masterdata is a way of viewing, controlling, defining and translating certain fields in the CVs. Masterdata provides the user with a live list of all the items in each Masterdata section, where an administrator can edit each item across all CVs simultaneously. Push translations, define industries and merge similar data to make all CVs as consistent as possible.