Updated feature
April 12, 2019

New case study fields

Based on wider adaption of our case study functionality, we have added some new optional fields to enable the possibilities of a more detailed data capture in the case studies.

We also created a new type of fields for currencies and area sizes. These fields have stricter validation for the numbers and adds the currency or area-size specification as an extension to the value.

An overview of the optional fields in the case studies:

  • Project introduction
  • Project cost (Legacy field without validation)
  • Project extent (Legacy field without validation)
  • Project cost (New validated currency field)
  • Project extent hours (New validated hours field)
  • Total project cost (New validated currency field)
  • Total project extent (New validated hours field)
  • Area (New validated size field)
  • Project type (New field, suggestions and values can be controlled from Masterdata)
  • Building owner (New field)
  • Architect (New field)

Moving from the fields without validation to the new validated fields

We can assist you in moving from the old to the new fields, send us an email on onboarding@cvpartner.com to be assisted.

The process includes:

1) Turn on new fields in customize interface
2) CV Partner will try to convert the values with our automated converter
3) Receive a list from CV Partner with unconverted values, and convert these values manually

Future work

These new validated fields will allow for a new upcoming feature - to create a value range search where you, as an example, will be able to search for Case studies with a total cost between 1 000 000 EUR and 10 000 000 EUR.