Product Updates

New feature
June 22, 2021

New field "Anonymized customer" for project experiences

A common issue with confidential and internal data is that you want to be able to search for it, but you would not like to bring it out of the organisation either in writing or when displaying data. There might also be cases where the customer themselves ask for experience from inside their own organisation, cases where presenting the actual customer name would not just be allowed, but required to answer the proposal in the best way possible.

The customer name in project experiences can now be extended with an anonymized customer name version. You can select in the project experience what version you want exported, and only the selected customer name will be fetched to the exported CV, if used by the template. This allows for retaining both the actual customer name for searchability as well as an anonymized version for CV export.

You can also translate the anonymized version

Future work

- Adding anonymized customer field to reference customers as well

- Be able to push anonymized version of reference customer to the CVs with this particular customer.