New feature
June 13, 2018

New role: Department manager

Throughout our continuous development, we have received a lot of requests for different sets of roles and permissions, especially managers that would like control over their own CVs and case studies. As most companies are organised differently, we saw quickly that we had to find a highly customisable solution to be able to fulfill the needs from our customers without complicating the role permissions.

Therefore we are now releasing the new customisable role: Department manager

The department manager is a highly customisable role where the permissions are decided based on the departments or custom tags added to the role. The department manager can change all CVs and references with one of the selected departments or custom tags.

This knits together with our previous release, where we added departments to the case studies and the case study search filter. https://www.cvpartner.com/updates/you-can-now-search-for-your-case-studies-based-on-department-ownership

We have also redesigned the page where administrators select users access roles. By combining the selection of external and normal user with the extra access roles together with better and more describing text, we reduced the load for creating and editing users.

Examples of use cases for the department manager role

  • Department managers that would like control over their departments CVs and case studies. (Add the role department manager to the manager, together with the department)
  • Employees working temporarily on enhancing the quality of a limited group of CVs. (Add a specific custom tag to the limited group of CVs, add the role department manager together with the custom tag for the employees)

How do I add the department manager access role?

Only administrators and country managers can give department manager rights. Go to: Account > Users > Edit user > Change role

How do I create custom tags?

Only administrators can create custom tags and custom tag categories.

Go to: Account > Customize CV Partner > Custom tags

You can select if a user with editing rights should be able to add this custom tag to CVs/References or Customers

How do I add custom tags?

After the creation of custom tags, each CV/Reference/Customer with an applicable custom tag will have an option on the top "Add custom tag"

Where do I select a users department?

Only administrators can change a users department,

Go to: Account > Users > Edit user > Select a department

Where do I select a department for my case study?

Case studies automatically inherits the creators department. Additional departments can be added or removed by the reference owner on the top, or by the user with editing rights.