New feature
July 3, 2019

New Single Sign-on options

In Windows Active Directory, a User Principal Name (UPN) is the name of a system user in an email address format. A UPN (for example: john.doe@domain.com) consists of the user name (logon name), separator (the @ symbol), and domain name (UPN suffix). Often, the UPN matches the user's email address, but this is not a general rule.

Because of this, we now created the possibility to add a UPN to the user when creating a new user in CV Partner. This ensures a smooth log-on experience for users, even though their UPN is not the same as their email. When we authenticate a user in CV Partner via SSO, we now first check the email, and if that fails to log a user in, we use UPN as a secondary measure.

We also added the possibility to create custom instructions for the use of the External Unique ID field on each user.

We have updated the user creation modal accordingly: