January 22, 2018

Enhanced ability to search on custom tags

By having a familiar department structure, it is easier to find the correct people in your organisation. It is now possible to mirror your organisational structure by creating your own custom tags.

Extending the ability for companies to create custom tags, the custom tags can now be selected in the department search. This allows companies to duplicate their complex department structure inside our application, making it easier to filter on specific departments.

A search with the selection above will search for users in "All offices in United Kingdom" - and only - with the custom tag "Department: Sales" - and only - with the custom tag "Subdivision: Department 1"

How do I enable custom tag department filtering?

Today's custom tags will not automatically show up in the department filter, and only administrators may change or edit the custom tags.

By selecting the new option called "Show in department filter" inside the custom tag category, the custom tags may be selected in the department filter, in the same way as the locations are today.

More enhancements coming to custom tags:

  • Ability to specify permissions based on custom tags
  • Ability to search for case studies / references in the same ways as CVs based on custom tags
  • Alphabetical sorting of the custom tags