Updated feature
February 27, 2018

Rebuilt the merger for pushing changes in a proposal CV back to the master CV

When tailoring a CV in a proposal, you often change or specify sections, based on the specifications in the bid. Sometimes, the work applied ends up in a result much better than the original. Wouldn't it be good to keep this new tailored version, or just substitute the old one?

With the rebuilt merger, you can now accomplish this. Either push the changes back to the original version, manually select the changes you would like pushed back - or just copy the section back to the master version as previous versions of the merger.

We now show a comparison between the updated section in the proposal and the old version from the Master CV:

If you would like to select the changes manually, you can select several items to keep, both from the Master CV, and from the proposal CV:

The merger also works with other languages, making it easy to push back translations added for a specific proposal:

Whats new?

  • You can now push changes back to the original section, substituting the old version
  • We compare the two different versions, and give you an overview of the changes
  • If you only want some parts pushed back, you can select the changes manually
  • You can also just copy the section back to the master version, like in the previous version of the merger

If you have any questions or feedback regarding the new merger, just send us a message on the chat!