Updated feature
May 10, 2019

Sending projects to multiple CVs now includes more fields

If multiple employees have worked on the same project, it is possible for the project owner to write a case study for that particular project, fill in the details of the project, including the project description - and send this to each project team member's Master CV in one step. The result is more regularly updated CVs, higher quality descriptions and more consistent CVs.

Before, we only sent some information to the CVs, and it was not possible to include dates. Now, sending a project from a company case study to CVs now automatically includes all the relevant fields for the CVs. We also added the option to include the dates from the duration of the case study, as this field can vary between the project team members.

We now also display users that have another project description than the official description, with the ability to overwrite the description in these CVs with the official one.

What fields are copied back to the CVs?

Will always be copied

  • Customer name
  • Project name
  • Customer industries

Optional, decided by user

  • Duration (Optional)

If turned on in customize interface:
(Account > Customize CV Partner > Customize fields)

  • Project type
  • Project extent (hours)
  • Total project extent (hours)
  • Area
  • Project cost (currency)
  • Total project cost (currency)
  • Official project description