Updated feature
December 11, 2020

Suggestions in the application now displays were it is sourced from

Whenever you start typing in a CV Partner field, you'll see that we provide suggestions to keep data consistent across the CVs in your organisation. In some cases, we'll show you the suggestions before you even start typing.

For example:

  • If you type in a customer in the customer name field - you will see project suggestions from that specific customer.
  • If you choose an official skill that is categorised from your administrators, your skills will be categorised automatically!

Account administrators can also add official Masterdata items. These official items are also presented as suggestions, but these suggestions outrank the suggestions from other CVs. If an official suggestion is found, we won't show any suggestions from other CVs. This is to ensure that members who belong to the same organisation, use the same, official company terms.

Earlier, we didn’t provide any context for these suggestions, however we're happy to share that you'll now be able to see the source of the suggestion, together with a tooltip that can display additional information about where the suggestion is sourced from.

Approved company suggestions are the suggestions sourced from Masterdata

Suggestions from other CVs are the suggestions sourced from other CV