Updated feature
November 25, 2020

The edit CV page was updated with some UI changes

We just released some UI changes to the edit CV Page to make it easier to find the relevant sections while editing the CVs, as well as to make room for our new upcoming section comments feature.

The collapsed sections have received som visual and structural updates;

  1. The section text when collapsed now has a higher contrast to increase readability
  2. Months are added to the collapsed sections, as well as more information for some of the sections.
  3. The "star" / highlighting button is moved to a checkbox similar to the "Include in CV" checkbox. This will make it clearer what it is used for, as well as make room for our upcoming section commenting feature.

The skills overview have also received a redesign to increase scannability and to be able to provide better information for each skill, eg. if the skills is translated or not.