Product Updates

Updated feature
September 1, 2022

Users can now adjust their own default language

We continuously monitor our various support channels to analyze if there are things we could change in the tool to reduce the amount of people that requires this extra support.

One of the most common questions we get in our support channels is how a person can change their own default CV language. The common use case for changing the default CV language is when for example a Norwegian company employs someone from another country. This person would probably add their CV i English, and requires an English user interface to understand what should go where in the CV.

Before, the option to change the default language for a CV was only available for account administrators, which then had to do this for the user.

We have now changed so that the owners of a CV can now adjust their own default language.
This should reduce the need for requesting support, and reduce the amount of extra work for the account administrators.

A small adjustment, but with high impact

What does the default CV language control?