New feature
June 14, 2018

You can now add images to your CVs

The structure of CVs and resumes are evolving. Greater network capacity are allowing for larger files, and professional office printers are enabling more detailed printouts. In certain industries like architecture, engineering, visual design and interaction design, images are vital to showcase the result and character of a delivery.

Today we are releasing a natural extension for CVs. You can now upload images to the project experiences and use these images to create visually stunning documentation for your bids and proposals.

Drag and drop to reorder your images

Export your CV with the uploaded images

One of many examples of how to present project images in the CVs

Update your templates?

Insert a small sized placeholder picture into your .dotx - template, scale it to your desired size and add the bookmark: "imgfit_image_1" / "imgfit_image_2" etc. Our solution will substitute this placeholder image with the image in position 1, 2, 3 etc. in your project experiences.

Contact CV Partner if you need assistance to update your templates with images.