April 6, 2020

You can now download multiple CVs and case studies presented on the same page

Our software already has the capability of being able to download a full proposal as a single merged document. We just released a way to automatically create a document with several case studies or CVs in succession on the same page.

Some common use cases:

  • If you are an engineering company and you want a list of relevant projects in a table
  • If you are a law firm and want a tombstone with selected information from many reference cases
  • If you are a consulting firm and want all projects and their key attributes that matches a certain criteria exported
  • If your client or the bid/RFP (Request for proposal) asks you to add a list of references in list form
  • If you want to showcase several team members on the same page

How am I able to download data like this?

1) Create a proposal

2) Copy CVs and Case studies into the proposal

3) Click "more options"

4) Select "Download proposal as a single document"

5) Select the export template you want to use

6) Check "Don't add page-breaks between each document"

7) Download the proposal