Waste less time. Win more bids.
Get better results.

CV Partner is a proposal automation solution that helps manage your CVs and Case Studies to save time, win more bids and get better results.

All the features you need
to build a better proposal workflow

With CV Partner, a tailored proposal is just a few clicks away

Internal audit procedures

Designed for all kinds of teams

Set up department structures and default templates for each group. Customise access rights to maximize security.

Fix spelling

Take control of your data

Rename, edit and translate common terms and skills across all CVs at once - for maximum consistency.

Customer stories

Template assistance

Official procurement handlers often require specific formats. We make compliance easy with a dedicated template team.

“Before, we could spend hours hunting for the CVs to include in a bid. Now, we spend at least 50% less time creating proposal documents and making sure CVs are up to date. This is a huge saving that has benefitted both our individual consultants and the organisation as a whole."

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Maintain fully searchable CVs and Case Studies all in one place

CV Partner makes it easy to create, update, store, search and export data from multiple CVs and case studies at once. Helping you to win new business by keeping data up-to-date, consistent and instantly available.

Maintain master versions of CVs and case studies
Push new projects to multiple CVs
Choose from data suggestions to speed up the process
Store CVs and case studies in multiple languages
Search CVs and Case studies
Search and proposals

Create copies of CVs and Case Studies and tailor them to specific proposals

Say goodbye to multiple workflows across multiple systems, and say hello to CV Partner: drop in Master CVs and Reference Projects, extract the most relevant information and build a tailored, well-supported proposal for every project.

Choose relevant information for specific bids and proposals
Combine multiple documents into one
Create, share and collaborate on proposals
Maximise data consistency by updating CVs simultaneously

Export tailored proposals
with the click of a button

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Export data using custom templates

Create your own, company-wide searchable skills database

CV Partner lets you define a set of skills and categories that’ll makes it easier to identify and assign the right team members to the right proposals — helping you win business on the back of your employees’ individual and shared skills.

Advanced search and filter capabilities
Rename, move, edit and translate skills across all CVs at once
Create rules for skills and automate data for maximum accuracy
Download advanced skill reports in .csv
Customize the interface

Make CV Partner work for you and your organization

Set up your own department structures, create your own tags, customise access rights, select your own input fields, provide automatic suggestions to guide users when editing CVs and case studies — whatever your needs, CV Partner can meet them.

Set up your own department structure
Customise the input fields in the user interface
Specify instructions to help employees in the content creation process
Customise access rights to maximize security
Single Sign On

Trusted, cloud-based solution

Simple to implement and maintain.
Secure and easy access for all platforms.
We’re ISO 27001 certified.

External bid collaboration

External proposal collaboration

Share proposals externally with other companies using CV Partner to make teamwork, work even better.

Guide users

Specify CV instructions

Customize input fields and add help texts for colleagues in the CV creation process -  putting everyone on the same page.

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