A cloud based solution
that's ready-to-go

Our platform is all about collaboration and the power of your teams when they work together. Whatever your needs, CV Partner is an out-of-the-box solution that’s ready-to-go.

Cloud based

Built to thrive within your ecosystem

CV Partner is built to exist and thrive within the ecosystem of existing applications inside your organisation.

Single sign on

Single Sign-On

Starting with the basics such as Single-Sign on and User Provisioning, leveraging standard protocols such as SAML 2.0, is where we recommend you to start.

Manage API keys

Custom API Keys

With our custom API, you can build endless integrations. Connect up your systems and create a fluid, seamless solution powered by CV Partner.


The CV Partner API

Our JSON/REST API is used by our clients to enable a wide range of integrations which you can add-on to connect your HRM/HCM/ERP, Finance, Staffing and Planning, Dashboards, Intranet, Website/CMS and Document Management tools with CV Partner.

We provide you with use case based API documentation and technical support to ensure you succeed with integrating CV Partner in your organisation.

Learn more about integrations our clients have already built

”Finally we can get our CV information available and treat it as data instead of just a pdf document - and with the CV Partner API we can create integrations with most types of systems”

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Free Guide

How to set up a
seamless integration

This guide breaks down the specific steps you can take to optimise
CV Partner’s position in your existing systems.