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Unlocking Success with CV Partner: Time Savings and Business Growth

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What is the ROI of using CV Partner? To gauge this, we surveyed a diverse group of CV Partner users at our annual seminar, including existing, new, and potential users. Here are the results:

  • Most clients find it easy to get started with CV Partner
  • On average, users reported delivering over 20 additional bids and proposals after adopting CV Partner
  • Notably, every CV Partner user saves a significant amount of time when creating bids and proposals—reducing the weekly workload for CVs and case studies by more than 50 hours for most customers

Let's dive into the findings...

By using CV Partner, all users save valuable time each month. The extent of these savings varies based on the number of bids, proposals, and employees needing CVs and references. Impressively, over 50% of our users reported saving more than 50 hours per month. Imagine what you could do with that extra time! Perhaps you'll even have time to recommend CV Partner to others.

Have you recommended CV Partner to others?

Recommending our solution to colleagues, friends, and your professional network is a key indicator of its success. We're thrilled to share that over 80% of survey participants have recommended CV Partner to others, with 24% even spreading the word to many colleagues and friends.

The advantages are clear, especially since our tool is Software as a Service (SaaS) with no extra onboarding costs. The majority of users find it incredibly user-friendly, rating it higher than other SaaS solutions. Only a small 8% faced initial challenges, and we're continuously working to improve their experience. Notably, 20% of seminar attendees hadn't yet started using our service.

What's the impact of implementing CV Partner on your ability to secure projects?

Remarkably, no one reported being unable to submit more offers after using CV Partner (this was an option in the survey). In fact, over 59% reported being able to submit more than 10 offers per year, a significant increase that can translate into more business opportunities. We're delighted to know that our clients are producing more high-quality bids using our software solution.

Here is an example calculation to show the value of saving 600 hours per year:

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