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Sopra Steria Scandinavia

"The ability to easily change the look of CVs by using different templates has been a game changer."

Grethe Milivojevic, Senior Consultant
Utilizing templates to automate the formatting of CVs and resumes
R.V. Anderson

"CV Partner is a key player in our company's pursuit of streamlined excellence."

Sherine Kerr-Stewart, Associate, RVA
Streamline preparing over 600 proposals annually

When we saw CV Partner demoed for the first time we realized that we had been working the “old way.”

HR Planning Manager, Pascale Tabatoni
Improving data quality and streamlining bid processes

"We decided to be fully transparent, and that each partner had direct access to each other's CVs as well as the final version of the submitted bid. This made the entire process easier."

Bid Manager at Knowit, Per-Olof Vallin
Better collaboration with partners

"We particularly enjoy the simplicity of copying a master version of a CV or a Case Study to a proposal and exporting it in a bid or proposal specific format. This saves us a great deal of unnecessary copying and pasting."

Live Killingland, Offer Coordinator
Multiple countries and languages

"CV Partner is today seen as one of the most important systems in Bouvet."

COO at Bouvet Øst, Anders Lennartzon
Increased employee happiness

”IT security and compliance were of utmost importance when we searched for a new tool. We therefore required that the vendor should have ISO 27001 certification.”

Manager Bid Optimisation at Entura, Daniel Marr
Multiple office locations

”Having access to CV Partner's dedicated support team made it possible to make iterations to templates and data, ensuring that each bid is delivered in time, and having the best possible quality in terms of content and layout.”

Project manager & designer at Halogen, Richard Tallaksen
100% of functionality in use

"Novanet is a long time CV Partner user, and used CV Partner and its API to fetch updated employee data for their new website."

Senior consultant, Ingve Vikan Sund
API - to fetch employee data

"With CV Partner's well documented API we could quickly create the integration needed to create our own custom solution which fit our need.”

Bid Manager at Miles, Kjartan Juvik
API - used for added features

”Finally we can get our CV information available and treat it as data instead of just a pdf document - and with the CV Partner API we can create integrations with most types of systems.”

Department Head - Integration and middleware – Jon Petter Hjulstad
Integrations delivered to CV Partner clients

“We want to highlight the great service and support which CV Partner provides to us as a client.”

Client Manager at Netlife, Jørgen Nygaard Andreassen
> 50% less time spent on CVs

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