CV Partner for Bid Managers
Learn how our platform enables bid managers to automate away menial tasks and submit high-quality proposals more efficiently.
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Modernize Your Bid Processes and Save Hours

Automate repetitive tasks

Bid managers can spend countless hours searching for the right CV or resume, manually copy-pasting data between documents, and then reworking it into bid-specific formats - over, and over, and over again. Armed with CV Partner you can automate away these mundane tasks, freeing you up to work on more strategic initiatives.

Break down silos

Tackling large bids requires teamwork. Equipped with CV Partner, you can ensure everybody is on the same page. Enable Sales to identify the winning team for the job, ensure Marketing can export into branded templates, and allow Bid Managers to oversee the whole thing. Alleviate hand-off headaches and regain control of your process.

Discover how CV Partner empowers your coworkers:

Self-serve proposal creation

Dependent on the team structure or deal size, Bid Managers often have to go it alone. Our simple interface empowers individuals to self-sufficiently produce polished RFP responses at scale. From sourcing your 'A team' to exporting beautiful project case studies, you can do it all yourself. Respond quicker without sacrificing quality.

Integrate with existing tools

Connect your existing software with CV Partner via our flexible API. Integrate with complementary Proposal Automation software to further streamline your bid processes. Additionally, connect with ERPs and CRMs to auto-populate project data, link Document Management systems to ensure stylish formatting, and integrate HR tools to keep a single source of truth for employee data.

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