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revolutionize the bid process for
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What we do
We help our customers search, tailor, and format their CVs, resumes, and case studies as efficiently as possible. We do this so that they can win bids and proposals, and deliver high-impact projects.

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How we got here

Our journey began in 2012 when Erling Linde started rethinking how we create CVs (that's resumes for our American friends).

After hearing feedback from IT consultancy colleagues, Erling pivoted. He joined forces with Nicolai Nielsen, our UX-focused co-founder, and worked closely with customers and consultants to create a customer-centric tool.

Today, we're the top CV, resume, and case study management tool for professional service companies worldwide, with a diverse team of 40 people from 8 countries and growing fast. We're committed to making work life better for everyone in your company.

Our culture

Our vision

Inspired by our mission to revolutionize the way companies work, we are dedicated to creating a smart solution for the bids and proposal workflow of the future.

By leading the way in the development of a sustainable and forward-looking solution, we support your value chain and provide you with a tool that streamlines your processes.

Our values

Information and security policy


Security is our highest priority. To achieve our high security standard, we make sure that every link in our metaphorical chain is strong – which is also why we believe in open and honest communication in CV Partner.

Transparency and teamwork really is key, within the company and throughout it. We’re simply stronger when we work together – and more secure as well.



The road to innovation is through curiosity: and we are endlessly curious – always open for thoughtful insights and yearning for more knowledge and better ways of doing things (wherever they may come from).

It’s when we’re curious and open about the world that things like innovation, knowledge, and in the end: progress, comes naturally.

Customer stories


We are your CV partner - and as any good partner we are there for you. Through thick and thin (and at odd hours), we want you to succeed and thrive in your own mission.

Without you, there would be no us. As a good partner, we believe in being humble, flexible and kind in all of our interactions – from sales to customer communication and user experence design to customer support.

Join our team

Our most valued asset - our amazing and dedicated people. Every one of them from our Developers, to our Design Team, from our Sales Team to our Cleaners.

Everyone at CV Partner helps create a secure, innovative and friendly environment, that helps us deliver our mission.

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