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Your skills, showcased

In the consulting world, it’s your firm’s overall skill set that wins new business. With CV Partner, you can store, standardize, and showcase the key capabilities that matter most to clients - from technical expertise to mastered methodologies. Effortlessly highlight each employee's unique credentials, while reinforcing your firm’s collective ability to deliver results.

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Streamline formatting

Preparing winning public proposals often means formatting your team’s profiles into bid-specific templates. We’ve helped consulting firms export data to hundreds of regional, government, and NGO-specific templates, so we know what it takes. With repeatable templating processes you can respond to more public bids, without sacrificing quality.

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Deck out your PowerPoints

Consultants live in PowerPoint. With CV Partner's one-click to PowerPoint function, you can instantly export profiles into polished slides - saving hours of reformatting time. Flexible template rules ensure only the data you need is captured - meaning you can have slides that only pull through bios and most relevant experiences, alongside PDF/Word versions that capture it all.

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Tailor-made for consulting firms

Your firm deserves technology that’s catered to your industry. Here’s how CV Partner has been optimized for consultancies:

Consulting-specific integrations

Take advantage of our API to effortlessly integrate with the tools you use every day. Connect to staffing and planning tools to maintain a single source of truth, or work alongside document management systems to better organize your CVs, resumes, and case studies.

Gain insight with data exports

Generate employee skill reports to easily identify unique skill sets and knowledge overlaps within your company. Get a birds eye view of your firm’s expertise, in just a few clicks.

Easy implementation

Whether you’re a dedicated bid manager, or a consultant wanting to optimize your processes, getting started is easy. We can import data from existing documents and get your system up and running in weeks.
Guide users

Guide users as they update their profiles

Give all users the same data suggestions to keep CVs and resumes easily updated.

Maximize consistency

Maximize consistency

With automatic data suggestions, help texts, official terms - you name it.

Fix spelling

Fix spelling mistakes and terminology

Don’t sweat the small stuff - correct common spelling mistakes in Masterdata.

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