Automate resume, CV, and case study creation

Export submission-ready proposal docs in seconds, via templates. Respond to RFPs lightning fast, with your best foot forward.

Wave goodbye to reformatting headaches

Templates map profile and project sections to fields to create perfectly formatted documents every time
Export in Word and PDF formats for submission-ready docs, or in PowerPoint to streamline pitch deck creation
Eliminate the endless manual copying, pasting and reformatting that sucks time away from strategic initiatives

Branded templates that guarantee consistency

Ensure everyone across your company, no matter the location, is presenting themselves in a unified way
Maintain design integrity and respond to bids with a professional, standardized approach
Instantly create resumes and case studies for any scenario, from hard-copy submissions to PowerPoint presentations

Bid-specific templates to automate busywork

Create templates that replicate the RFP requirements, enabling you to auto-populate fields and submit faster
Fast-track submissions when repeatedly bidding for the same client or when responding to RFPs that require tens (if not hundreds) of resumes
Lean on our experience of working across countless government, regional and industry-specific formats

Flexible template creation

Our dedicated template team works closely with you to output stylish formats that meet your needs
Alternatively, our drag-and drop builder enables you to spin out new templates on the fly

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