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Learn how CV Partner empowers law firms to save hours when showcasing their team, while never comprising on quality.
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Showcasing Legal Expertise, Faster

Reclaim your billable hours

In the busy legal sector, your billable hours are a precious commodity. Yet tailoring and formatting proposal materials is a huge time drain. CV Partner helps automate these tasks, empowering your team to put their best foot forward faster. Less time spent on busywork equals more hours billed helping clients.

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Ranking submissions, sorted

Every year law firms spend countless hours compiling their top individuals and matters for annual ranking submissions. CV Partner fast-tracks this repetitive task by helping you to identify and showcase your top performers, and then export profile data into the required format. Plus, matters can be hosted and exported into stylish case studies, ready for submission. 

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Sync to your site

Your website is your firm's storefront, meaning you need it to showcase your talents in the best light possible. With CV Partner, you can utilize our open API to push polished attorney profiles directly to your site. Deduplicate data entry, and create a single source of truth for all your employee data.

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Tailor-made for law practices

Your firm deserves technology that’s catered to your industry. Here’s how CV Partner has been optimized for legal firms:

Law-specific templates

We’ve worked across dozens of regional, government, and sector-specific templates, so we know how to support you no matter the circumstance. Need a custom template? We’ve got you covered.

Integrate with existing systems

Take advantage of our API to effortlessly integrate with the tools you use every day. Connect to staffing and planning tools to maintain a single source of truth, or work alongside document management systems to better organize your CVs, resumes, and case studies.

Gain insight with data exports

Generate employee skill reports to easily identify unique skill sets and knowledge overlaps within your company. Get a birds eye view of your firm’s expertise, in just a few clicks.
Guide users

Guide users as they update their profiles

Give all users the same data suggestions to keep CVs and resumes easily updated.

Maximize consistency

Maximize consistency

With automatic data suggestions, help texts, official terms - you name it.

Fix spelling

Fix spelling mistakes and terminology

Don’t sweat the small stuff - correct common spelling mistakes in Masterdata.

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