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Your Guide to Buying a Resume Management Platform

This guide will walk you through the process of identifying the need for a dedicated resume (CV) and reference project platform, evaluating potential solutions, building a business case, and successfully implementing a new system.

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The Face Behind the Tech: Simen's Work With AI Translations

Meet Simen, our Senior Software Engineer. When he's not immersed in developing AI translation functionalities, he dedicates his time to maintaining open source projects like Jest. Simen's diverse interests extend beyond coding; he's an avid attendee of metal concerts, with Bring Me the Horizon and Motionless in White being among his favorites.

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The Hidden Costs of In-House Proposal Software

When it comes to managing proposal content, professional services firms have two choices they can make: go with a third-party expert, or create their own in-house solution. We discuss why building and maintaining your own in-house tool is often fraught with challenges, and why you should err on the side of caution.

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Unlock Your Firm's Global Potential with CV Partner

For professional services firms operating across a range of offices and regions, the ability to seamlessly tap into your entire workforce's expertise is key. With all your locations using CV Partner, this is possible. In this blog, you can learn how you to create an interconnected workforce, and what benefits this has.

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The Trap Of Relying On Your CRM For Hosting Employee Data

When assembling project teams for a new bid or proposal, having a central repository of employee data is key. In an attempt to solve this need, many firms turn to their CRM system as a place to house employee data; however, this is an inefficient solution. In this blog we'll uncover why.

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Proposal Software Review: 9 Vendors That Help To Power Bid Teams

In this blog post, we'll explore the different categories of proposal software available and highlight some of the leading providers in the space. Whether your firm is just starting to evaluate options or looking to enhance your existing tech stack, understanding the landscape is crucial to selecting the right tools to boost your proposal capabilities.

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How AI can Translate Resumes and CVs to Make Global Bidding a Breeze

If you're a global firm, it can be incredibly difficult to get a clear picture of your expertise across markets and regions. This is made all the more difficult by language differences. In this blog we discuss this challenge, and how our new feature - AI Translations - can take the friction out of utilising your international workforce.

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The Limitations of Shared Drives & How Internal Resume Databases Help Streamline Bids

In this blog we cover the key differences between shared drives and resume databases. We delve into the shortcomings of shared drives when it comes to storing and managing resume content, and how a dedicated database can get ahead of these issues - while also providing a range of additional benefits.

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Beyond Time-Savings: The ‘Intangible’ Impacts of CV Partner

When evaluating new software investments, it's natural to focus primarily on quantifiable returns like cost and time savings. However, many of CV Partner's most transformative effects are harder to measure yet arguably just as valuable. In this blog we'll take a look at what these benefits are.

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Stop Reinventing The Wheel When Tailoring Proposal Content

Bid teams can spend hours tailoring employee bios and project roles for the bid at hand. Then, when a new RFP comes through the door, they repeat the process all over again. Learn how you can de-duplicate this workflow as much as possible with CV Partner.

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