Search across your entire firm's experiences

Mitigate the timely back and forth trying to find the right people for the proposal. With advanced search, you can find your dream team in a matter of clicks.

Find that needle in a haystack

Source your A-team using powerful search functionality, using automatic data suggestions to help
Stack search criteria to find niche skill-sets. Need a Project Manager with 7 years experience, that has worked in Change Management and the Banking industry? No problem!
Cut out the distracting back and forth between teams and locations and find the right person - while mitigating biases

Source case studies in seconds

Search across client, project type, project location, and more to find relevant projects instantly
Filter on date ranges, project sizes, projects costs, and more to whittle down results further
Combine your relevant case studies with your selected team's profiles, ready to export in a single doc

Providing the most intuitive search experience

Seamlessly search across your custom tags, fields and departments
With validated skills, roles, and titles, you can ensure all experiences are captured in search results
For deeper dives, export reports to CSV and analyze education levels, courses taken, skill-gaps, and more

Tailor content seamlessly

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