Customize the interface.
Make CV Partner work for you.

Customize your department structures, tags, access rights, input fields, and help texts to match your needs with CV Partner

Customize the interface

A flexible approach that’s right for you

Every organization and proposal is different. That’s why CV Partner is built
to adapt to your specific needs, whatever they might be.


Full language support

Select the company default and make other languages optional

Customer department settings

Custom department settings

Customizable access roles based on department and level

Data process agreement

External bid collaboration

Collaborate externally with other companies using CV Partner

Connect CV Partner to your
existing infrastructure

Easily enable SSO for instant access, use our API to build custom integrations, and seamlessly connect CV Partner to your existing set-up. Whatever your needs, CV Partner is an out-of-the-box solution that’s ready-to-go.

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Cloud based solution

”Quite frankly, CV Partner solved most of the problems and challenges we had with the old solution.”

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User administration

Customize user access rights
according to your set-up

Tailoring user access rights to match your specific configuration is a key feature we offer. With the ability to customize user access rights, you can ensure that individuals within your organization have the appropriate level of access and permissions based on your unique setup and requirements.

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