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Break down silos with an all-in-one CV and resume tool

By transitioning static CVs and resumes into cloud-based data, IT managers can help to break down information silos across their firm. A dedicated system enables users to source project teams quicker than ever via search criteria, tailor profiles to bids without creating countless versions, and automate branded document creation via templates.

Mitigate privacy concerns

Sharing CVs and resumes across local drives and inboxes is a compliance nightmare. CV Partner helps mitigate data-privacy concerns and meet GDPR guidelines by giving a secure access point for all CV and resume activities. Granular permissions ensure visibility to only those who need it, while in-depth audit logs track all actions. Plus, we meet ISO 27001 requirements for additional peace of mind.

Easy setup and maintenance

Minimal maintenance and best in-class customer support are key reasons for our industry-leading retention rates. Get started by importing CV docs or PDFs and mapping profile sections to custom fields. Standardize terminology across your system to keep everyone on the same page, and encourage regular updates with our intuitive UX.

Integrate with your tech

Avoid further complicating your stack with yet another siloed solution. Leverage our SSO and SCIM integrations to ensure easy user provisioning. Our REST API enables flexible connections across a range of systems - from CRM systems to ERP platforms, and HCM tools to CMS. We’ve got all the acronyms covered!


Bid and proposal tech guide

This guide delves into some key considerations that IT and Systems teams must consider when implementing, or updating your bid and proposal tech stack.

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