Create tailored proposals that resonate

Personalize CVs, resumes and case studies without the manual reformatting pains. Show prospects why you're the only option.

Highlight your team's suitability with ease

Tailor content without altering the master resume. Showcase relevant expertise easier than ever
Reuse previously tailored sections easily - no need to reinvent the wheel for every proposal
Connect all tailored versions to one master profile - no need to struggle trying to upkeep multiple versions

Flexible customization to emphasize your fit

Customize employee bios, personal statements, and role descriptions to speak the proposal’s language
Reorder experiences to showcase the most important first, while toggling off irrelevant roles
Use highlights to bring attention to especially pertinent skills and experiences

Adapt project content too

Draw attention to specific project types and skills used, to showcase relevant expertise
Highlight key wins and show why only your company has the right mix of experience and talent for the RFP