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Learn how our platform enables Marketers to produce bid-winning CVs, resumes and case studies in a fraction of the time.
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Beautiful CVs and resumes in seconds

Armed with CV Partner’s drag-and-drop editor, marketers can create stylish CVs, resumes and case studies more efficiently than ever. Customizable templates make brand consistency a breeze, while automating the tedious task of exporting tens (or even hundreds) of profiles into the same format at once. Create stylish documents that match the bid requirements in just a few clicks.

Effortless collaboration

With a centralized CV and resume database, working between teams has never been easier. Sales can identify the right people for the job, Bid teams can tailor profiles, and Marketing can finalize the outputs. Enable transparency, reduce siloed processes, and alleviate hand-off headaches.

A single source of truth you can trust

Equipped with one intuitive interface for your team’s data, marketers can help mitigate errors throughout the bid process. Gone are the days of cobbling together profiles sourced from different teams in static documents. Regain peace of mind that your data is accurate and up-to-date.

Integrate your MarTech tools

Connect to your marketing tools by utilising our flexible API. Push data from CV Partner into your CMS to power website bios, or use our integration with document creation system Omnidocs (a Templafy company) to streamline the creation of beautiful CVs, resumes and case studies.


Streamlining Rebranding Efforts with CV Partner

Learn how CV Partner's flexible platform empowers marketing teams to rework proposal documents more efficiently. In this blog we discuss how you can streamline your efforts - whether it's a full-on rebrand, or just a design tweak.

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