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Learn how we enable Sales teams to streamline RFP responses, from sourcing winning teams to exporting polished collateral.
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Fast-track the Path from Lead to Win with CV Partner

Identify and qualify opportunities, faster

Equipped with CV Partner’s in-depth search capabilities, Sales teams can easily decide whether new opportunities align with your firm’s skill-set. Instantly search across your team’s skills, accreditations, project experiences, and more to understand whether a lead could be a strong match.

Present your winning team

Don’t just search for your team’s profiles - export them for the pitch. Whether you’re selling an individual consultant or a whole team, you can easily cherry-pick profiles, tailor them to address specific prospect needs, and then one-click export them to branded templates. Get the information you need, when you need it.

Discover how CV Partner empowers your coworkers:

Collaborate with bid teams

Putting together larger proposals requires a close-knit team. Equipped with CV Partner, collaboration has never been easier. Sales can identify the winning team for the job, Bid teams can tailor profiles, and Marketing can fine-tune the outputs. Enable transparency, reduce siloed processes, and alleviate hand-off headaches.

Integrate your Sales systems

Connect to your sales tools by utilising our flexible API. Integrate with CRM/ERP systems, such as Salesforce and Hubspot, to auto-create newly won projects and populate project details such as name, client, value, and more. Then, link projects to the employees who worked on them, auto-populating their profiles with role details and credentials.


Writing CVs & resumes that win: Science or Dark Art?

In this guide we take a close look at how anyone, including busy Sales teams, can write CVs and resumes that resonate with their prospects.

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