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Learn how our platform enables HR and Knowledge Managers to take stock of their firm's skills and foster better collaboration.
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Know Your People, Optimize Their Processes

Oversee Your firm's skills

By transitioning static CVs and resumes into a centralized system with searchable profiles, you can easily identify expertise across your firm. Gather insights on skills and accreditations, including measuring years of experience. Create reports to understand your firm's education levels, courses taken, and certifications earned, and proactively alert teams of expiration dates.

Foster collaboration

When all your teams are on the same page, smoother collaboration follows. Empower sales, marketing, bid teams, and more to self-serve to their needs. Break down data siloes for happier teams, while simultaneously freeing up your HR colleagues from constant questions around employee statuses, accreditations, skills, and more.

Streamline user management

Manual user administration strains HR teams and risks non-compliance. Build adoption into employee onboarding for smooth uptake, while automatically off-boarding users via our SCIM API to ensure GDPR compliance. Import static CVs and resumes into the system to get users started quickly, and allow them to update their own profiles with self-service controls. Stress-free governance ensured!

Integrate with your HR tools

De-duplicate data entry and reduce the risk of human error with integrations. Nestle CV Partner into onboarding workflows with our SSO and SCIM integrations - making user management a breeze. Plus, our flexible API lets you sync up with HCM tools to maintain clean data across platforms, and LMS tools to streamline training activities.


Governing your team's CVs and resumes efficiently

Making sure your team's profiles are up-to-date and in order can often land on your HR team and/or Knowledge Managers. This guide offers best practices into how to govern your team's CVs and resumes more efficiently with CV Partner.

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