Create an Integrated Tech Stack

CV Partner is built to excel alongside your existing technology - from your CRM systems to HR tools, and much, much more. Whatever your needs, CV Partner is an out-of-the-box solution that’s ready-to-go.

Built to thrive within your ecosystem

CV Partner is built with the needs of all professional service firms in mind - no matter your size or use-case.

User provisioning made for enterprise

Seamlessly integrate with your SSO (single sign-on) provider, including Azure, Google, and Okta, leveraging standard protocols such as SAML 2.0.

Plus, our SCIM API makes user management a breeze. Create, update and deactivate users from a central point - mitigating any risks around compliance and security.

Cloud based

Uncover endless possibilities with our custom API

With our flexible JSON/REST API, connecting CV Partner to your existing tech stack is simple. Alongside the clear benefits of integrating with HR, ERP, CRM, and resourcing and staffing tools, clients also use our API to connect with their dashboards, intranets, website/CMS, document management tools, and more.

We provide you with use-case based API documentation and technical support to ensure integrating CV Partner in your organization is seamless.

”Finally we can get our CV information available and treat it as data instead of just a pdf document - and with the CV Partner API we can create integrations with most types of systems”

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Take advantage of out-of-the-box integrations

Supercharge your workflows with our native one-click integrations:


Sync team data from CV Partner and unlock more efficient workflows within your Flextribe system.

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Export CVs, resumes, and case studies to your existing Word and Powerpoint templates within Omnidocs.


Push CVs and resumes into Cobrief to streamline your bid-winning processes.

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Summit Strategy
Single Sign-On

We integrate with the most common SSO providers, including Azure AD (Entra ID), Google, and Okta.

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Summit Strategy

Automatically push CVs and resumes into Dropbox for easy access and compliance.

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Secure FTP

Automatically push profile and project data into Docx and JSON format to your preferred destination nightly.

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Plus more on the way...

We're always looking for complementary partners to integrate with - so check back for more connections in the future. Alternatively, request a new integration here.


How to set up a seamless integration

Download our whitepaper guide to understand the steps you can take to optimise
CV Partner’s position in your existing systems.

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