The new way to manage your resumes, CVs, and case studies.

Create a single source of truth for your firm's experience with a dedicated resume, CV, and case study database.

From static resumes to dynamic profiles

Import static docs and convert them into dynamic data, creating a complete database of your firm's experience
Make profile updates frictionless, by giving users only one resume to maintain and by eliminating formatting challenges
Establish consistency with guided inputs and validated skills and roles - ensure everyone's speaking the same language

Reference projects
that’ll do the talking for you

Win over prospective clients with Reference Projects that lets you show off your past achievements in detail
Push project data to the employees who worked on them, ensuring connected resumes are up-to-date and consistent
Integrate with your existing CRM or ERP via our REST API, enabling you to maintain your single source of truth

AI-Translations, built for global teams

Automatically translate resumes, CVs, and case studies using our AI-powered software
Alternatively, manually translate documents to ensure 100% accuracy and compliance
Bring in your international team's experiences more easily and win more global proposals

Everything you need to manage your experiences

Personalize your interface with custom tags, department structures, input fields and more
Clean up terminology and spelling mistakes with validated roles, skills, courses, and more
Granular permissions ensure personal data is only shared with the individuals who need access

Source Winning Teams and Projects

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