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Discover how CV Partner empowers your firm to put its best foot forward in a fraction of the time, and win more bids in the process.

Proposal automation built for professional services

From centralizing your people and projects to presenting them in pixel perfect documents - learn how CV Partner streamlines bid processes

A single source of truth for your firm’s experience

Import static resumes and CVs, and convert them into dynamic data - enabling frictionless updates
Ensure consistency across all your resumes by standardizing terminology for project roles, skills, certifications and more
Host projects too, or integrate from 3rd party tools, and make case study management a breeze
Learn more about storing profiles and projects  

A searchable database of your entire firm

With all your data now hosted in a readable format, you can pinpoint your best people and case studies in seconds
Advanced search features allow you to combine filters and find that needle in a haystack
Reduce the frustrating back and forth between teams and refocus on building winning bids
Learn more about sourcing your teams and case studies  

Tailor proposals effortlessly

Create customized resume and case study versions, without altering the master profile
Tailor bios and project experiences, include or exclude roles, and draw attention to specific sections - show why your team's the only fit for the project
Reuse previously tailored sections easily - no need to reinvent the wheel
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Beautiful documents, created in seconds

Export profiles and projects into templates, and put a stop to the endless copying, pasting and reformatting of data
Create branded templates to ensure consistent and stylish formatting for every resume and case study
Auto-populate government, regional, or industry-mandated formats with speed, via bid-specific templates
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Everything you need to streamline RFP submissions

Translate profiles, projects, and skills into multiple languages, enabling global teams to respond to RFPs faster
Customize your platform interface to work for your firm with custom tags, department structures, and guided inputs
Integrate with a range of 3rd party tools, and create custom connections via our REST API
Gain peace of mind that the privacy of your personal data is our number one priority

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