Why we don't have pricing on our website

Software purchases often fail due to focus on the lowest possible purchase cost, instead of the highest potential value the solution will bring.

If you are researching SaaS solutions for your business, you are looking for something that offers you added value, not increased cost.

CV Partners' best of breed SaaS offers great value for all professional services firms who use the service.

Use the value calculator below to calculate your savings, and reach out to us today for a quick demonstration. Book a time with us

If you are looking for a solution for your office or department, use that number instead
Your internal or overall calculated average hourly rate is an alternative value you can use
People tend to forget that a lot of time is spent on delivering case studies for proposals
Added value of using CV Partner after license cost 1
This calculation is based on what our customers have reported in terms of time saved when going from “the old way” to CV Partner

Frequently asked questions about our pricing

How does the CV Partner pricing model work?

The CV Partner SaaS pricing is based on the number of users in the account where one user = one CV. You can have as many tailored versions, proposals, case studies and templates as you need.

Are there any hidden costs?

No. The CV Partner price model does not contain any hidden costs. The subscription covers all features and support you need for a successful roll-out, both today and in the future.

What are the onboarding costs?

For a normal onboarding process, the cost is included in the per user license cost. This also includes enterprise roll-outs. If you require data import services (importing data from Word, PDF, PPT or other sources) or customised training outside of the normal scope, contact us.

What is the subscription period and cancellation policy?

Clients choose monthly or annual billing. Monthly billing is a pay-as-you-go contract without any cancellation fees. Annual billing offers a two months discount, compared with the monthly price. This means you pay 10 months upfront, instead of 12.

You are free to choose the model that fits you, and you can start with monthly and transition to annual any time. Most clients prefer annual billing as it offers a discount. We prefer to use wire transfer but you can pay with your credit card too.

Can you test or demo CV Partner before you commit?

Yes. After you have had an initial call or demo with us, we can set you up with your very own account where you can test all features in a two week period.

We can set up a demo or a call with your management team at a time of your convenience.

What about support?

All users have a support chat available when they are logged into CV Partner, which is run by our Support Team. Also, your governance team has exclusive access to our team of dedicated Customer Success Managers. If your technical team needs to talk to one of our developers, then contact us and we will make that happen.

Other SaaS tools charge for add-ons, SSO, training etc - why don’t you?

CV Partner has a long term perspective. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the most amount of value is extracted. Therefore you will get a dedicated Customer Success Manager you can reach out to. We want all of our clients to use all features and the entire workflow as this is tailored to ensure your success. Lastly, our priority number 1 is our clients data security, therefore security features such as SSO is included.

Do you charge extra for admin users?

No. CV Partner pricing is based on the number of users (CVs) you keep in CV Partner. Each of the users have an access right but you don’t pay
anything extra for the access rights.

How many case studies or templates can I have?

You can have as many case studies and templates as you need, the price model is only per user (CV).

What do you need to create a quote?

‍We need to know how many users (CVs) you need to have in your account.

Do you have a price that can work for smaller companies or start-ups

Yes. CV Partner pricing is based on the number of users (CVs) in the account, therefore a 5 person start-up gets the same features as a 25 000+ strong enterprise company, at a fraction of the cost.

ROI looks great, but I still need a number ($, €, £) for my budget

Contact us, we will send you a quote.

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