Future-Fit Sustainable Business

In CV Partner, we've embarked on a path to enhance our sustainability and social responsibility as a company. Sustainability is intricately woven into our business strategy. Our focus extends to the environment we operate in and the valuable employees who constitute our exceptional organization.

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Our approach

We see this as an ongoing journey, as we continue to improve and adapt to the reality we live in. What is needed today might not be the same as what is needed next year. This is the same philosophy we apply to our tool. So rather than having a Sustainability Policy set in stone, we take a dynamic approach under the headline: CV Partner & Sustainability - This Is Where We Are Now.


Words from our CEO, Erling Linde about the Why

Since 2012, CV Partner has embarked on an exciting journey of rapid growth and customer satisfaction. When questioned about our initial motivations and future trajectory, it's evident that one aspect of our response is fostering the company's financial success. However, our path has also been influenced by choices and courses of action driven by considerations beyond financial gains.

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Our culture


To ensure we get into all corners of sustainability, our policy is organized by:

CV Partner as a Product
CV Partner Internally
CV Partner Externally

A future-fit company takes all goals into account, instead of selecting goals out of interest.

Working hours


We kicked off our Sustainability action plan at our biannual company gathering in Italy in the fall of 2021. It was decided that we would focus on the following 5 SDGs: 3 Good Health, 5 Gender Equality, 9 Innovation and Infrastructure, 12 Responsible Consumption, and 13 Climate Action.

The FFBS is very much aligned with the SDGs, but it means that we don’t get to pick and choose between them. Instead, we follow a strategy that makes sure that we integrate all SDGs related to our company.

CV Partner as a product

We're delighted to share that we've already taken action on certain initiatives. Feel free to review them, and if you have any ideas for further enhancements, kindly share them with us!

Security & Processing of Personal Data
Routines & Measurements in Place
Enabling Sustainable Customer Behavior
Kiva Cards Instead of Merch

CV Partner Internally

We strive for continuous improvement while maintaining effective measures for employee satisfaction and safety.

Work Remotely - or from the Office
Technology Lifecycle Management

CV Partner Externally

In the initial phases of grasping the Future-Fit Business benchmarks, we've realized that achieving a 100% fit might not be entirely within our control for certain benchmarks. To learn more about the reasons, continue reading.

“Ripples in the water”