Take control of your CV data
with our Masterdata tool

Using the Masterdata feature, administrators can clean up terminology and spelling mistakes in skills, languages, courses, roles and certifications across all CVs at once.


Create your own skill database

Define skills and skill categories

Get a comprehensive overview of the skills in your organisation
Search for CVs and employees according to their skills
Automated calculation of an employees’ years of experience
Rename, move, edit and translate skills across all CVs at once
Official masterdata items

“CV Partner gives us a great overview of our references, skills and experience. CV Partner has made us more efficient and it is easy to find the best CVs and references for bids and proposals.”

Intuitive search actions and results

Group together skills in your own categories
Create rules for skills and automate data for maximum accuracy
Search for skills in one language and get results from all languages
Download advanced skill reports in .csv
Guide users

Guide users as they update CVs

Give all users the same data suggestions to keep CVs easily updated.

Maximize consistency

Maximise consistency

With automatic data suggestions, help texts, official terms - you name it.

Fix spelling

Fix spelling mistakes and terminology

Don’t sweat the small stuff - correct common spelling mistakes in Masterdata.

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